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Meet the Team

 Angelique Holten


Hi, my name is Angelique and I’m the owner and founder of the specialty chocolate card company, Happy Birthday Chocolate. My passions along with my business include playing with my little nephews, mentoring underprivileged children, baking gluten free treats and attending classes at American River College to grow my business skills.

To say I love chocolate would be an understatement – dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, creams, caramels and nutty – I love them all.

You know the controversy between “nature & nurture”, right? Some experts claim that you’re born with a tendency and other experts claim your upbringing encourages an inclination.I believe in both. See, I think I was born with the natural love for chocolate but I also know that my childhood reinforced that innate characteristic of mine.

The thing is, my Dad is a born and raised Dutch boy who was educated in the European style of pastry and confection. And when he arrived in the U.S. as an adult, he continued with his craft.So, I grew up with being surrounded by delicious pastries and exquisite chocolate delights. He brought to our little town in America the Continental attitude which insists on high quality. He began with a small chain of pastry shops and then expanded into the chocolate business.

At the moment my Dad, Jacques Holten, is the founder of the very successful business, Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates, http://www.Sjaaks.com. Having a strong desire to create my own niche in the chocolate world, I learned from him the popularity of greetings ‘printed’ on chocolate cards in Europe.It seemed to me that that would be a wonderful and fun product to offer to Americans.

I like to believe that I inherited or acquired the appreciation for high quality foods. And with that appreciation I vowed to use the best quality chocolates in the chocolate specialties that I hand-craft.So, I invite you to take a look at the selections that I offer. I am eager to hear from you. Whether you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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Pam Holten


Hi, my name is Pam and I’m excited to be a part of my daughter’s growing business. As a mother it’s always fascinating to watch your children grow and emerge as the people they become. Angelique was always interested in working with others, helping them, guiding them and doing whatever she could to make people smile.

And that’s what she’s achieving with her unique offering with chocolate cards. She brings smiles to many. Who would not break into a big grin if they received a big chocolate bar with a ‘printed’ message?

Another aspect of Angelique’s character is how obsessive she is about customer satisfaction. She goes beyond the call of duty to assure that customers are pleased. She did this even as a teenager when she worked retail at department stores. It’s in her genes.

As for me, the opportunity to participate in the expansion of Happy Birthday Chocolate is a dream come true. Nurturing the growth of anything is satisfying but tending to the garden of imagination and creativity is especially delightful. “Printing” an edible message onto a chocolate bar is imaginative and creative and FUN!

My background includes business and education. I’ve been involved in various enterprises: a children’s clothing and book store; chocolate retail shop; and, believe it or not, a business that manufactured carob bars.

I’ve also taught Spanish and ESL at a community college. And working with immigrant children as their English teacher at an elementary school was one of my favorite work activities. My emphasis has been on clear communication whether in English or Spanish. And I strive to communicate well with others in the personal arena and in business dealings.

My interests outside of work are numerous and varied but the most compelling for me now are family and continual expansion of my own learning. Three little grandsons bring the biggest joy. No surprise there, huh? I also love walking on the beach and writing poetry. My attempts to learn to juggle are hilarious but what better way trigger giggles as the balls keep landing on the floor? And I picked up a guitar last year to hopefully be able to play the song Malagueña someday. Oh, and feeble attempts to learn French are part of the ongoing agenda too.

To conclude – I hope you’ll consider surprising a friend or family member with a gift that is sure to tickle their funny bone.


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